Unboxed: Two Tickets Tassel Keychains

Most people use their keys everyday. Though often overlooked, they’re pretty important to our lives: starting our cars, locking our homes to keep them safe, and keeping our babies entertained. Something so functional should also have a bit of pretty! That’s why we worked with Amanda from Two Tickets to send our subscribers these chic leather tassel keychains.

two tickets keychain

Amanda Schwartz was raised just outside Washington D.C. in Maryland and moved to Savannah in 2000 to study at The Savannah College of Art and Design.  Originally she trained as a painter, but dabbled in a couple of different departments including Fibers, Metals and Jewelry.  After graduating she worked with small in-house clothing design company and learned the in’s and out’s of production.  The wheels were set in motion and after that, it was only a small leap into designing and producing her own independent line of handbags and accessories.

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