Unboxed: Cardtorial

I’m a sucker for notebooks, especially those with a good “feel.” Luxurious paper, a sturdy cover, and a great design. This “Do What You Love, Love What You Do” notebook delivers on all three counts.
cardtorial journal

During a trip to Asia, Cardtorial Founder, Yvonne Leung, fell in love with wood as a canvas. Back home in San Francisco, she tries her hand at using a laser-cutter at a shared workshop.  Realizing we need a laser of our own to continue growing Cardtorial, they ran a successful KickStarter campaign, and they secured their own laser-cutter and studio space. Yvonne quit her day job two years later, and she wakes up pinching herself every morning, thankful she is able to do what she loves.

Unboxed: Two Tickets Tassel Keychains

Most people use their keys everyday. Though often overlooked, they’re pretty important to our lives: starting our cars, locking our homes to keep them safe, and keeping our babies entertained. Something so functional should also have a bit of pretty! That’s why we worked with Amanda from Two Tickets to send our subscribers these chic leather tassel keychains.

two tickets keychain

Amanda Schwartz was raised just outside Washington D.C. in Maryland and moved to Savannah in 2000 to study at The Savannah College of Art and Design.  Originally she trained as a painter, but dabbled in a couple of different departments including Fibers, Metals and Jewelry.  After graduating she worked with small in-house clothing design company and learned the in’s and out’s of production.  The wheels were set in motion and after that, it was only a small leap into designing and producing her own independent line of handbags and accessories.

How to Wear Your Umba Box Lightweight Pom Pom Scarf

In our April 2016 Umba Box, subscribers received a Lightweight Pom Pom Scarf that was handmade by marginalized women artisans who are improving their lives through their work with a fair trade organization in Agra, India.

Umba Box Lightweight Pom Pom Scarf

While there are some obvious ways of how to wear a scarf, we love this roundup of 13 Stylish Ways to Tie a Scarf. Here are a couple of our favorites; click through the link to see more!


How to tie a scarf

Knotted Shawl

Knotted Shawl



Meet the Clarkes of Clarke Collective

We received the sweetest note from one of our May 2016 Umba Box artist partners that I wanted to share with the Umba community. Since launching in 2011, the mission of Umba Box has always been to unite artists & consumers through products that delight and inspire. By helping consumers discover new artists through our monthly subscription box, we’re able to help artists’ businesses grow as they can reach a huge new audience of people who love handmade in a matter of weeks!

The exciting news: meet Tracy and Bucky Clarke of Clarke Collective. The husband and wife duo create geometric ceramic home decor in their studio in Los Angeles. Umba Box was thrilled to discover that we’re their largest wholesale order to date! Here’s what really thrills us: because of the order Umba Box placed for our subscription box, they’re able to expand their team and are hiring their first employee to help their business grow!

By joining Umba Box, YOU are helping to create jobs and see artists’ dreams come to life. You’re changing lives.

Clarke Collective